Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Would you like ice with that?

Or should I say, "Would you like ice encasing that?" We are so lucky our power hasn't gone out. Many of our friends lost power all day yesterday. Brrrr!

Just last week it was in the mid 50's. Spring was teasing me or was it winter. I don't care who it was I just want winter to be gone.

Happy Birthday Henry!

Henry had a big brownie at his ice cream party!
Last week all of his friends (and their moms) from The Little Gym sang Happy Birthday to him. He was all smiles until then end. Then he stuck out his tounge at them and "noont noonted". (That is the noise that Pingu the penguin makes) Awesome, that's my boy!

He loved the candles!

Yummy, he was more into the brownie than the ice cream.


Happy Birthday Henners! I can't believe you're 2! oxoxox