Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Saturday, March 6, 2010

monkeys, monkeys and more...


It all began around the time Andersen turned one. He would make monkey noises and loved Curious George. So I decided to have a monkey birthday party. Here is the cake...

This also marked the time of "Baby Monk".If you have ever been around Andersen for very long you would know that he carries around this little monkey that was given to him on his first birthday. Baby Monk even dressed up for Halloween as a ghost and Peter Pan. I will probably do a whole post just on Baby Monk at a later date.

Andersen keeps picking out sock monkeys for Henry lately.

Paul Frank is so much fun! Especially since Target started carrying that brand. Andersen loves to match with Hen.

We can't forget about George! I don't know who is responsible for giving CG a makeover and bringing him back but I am really happy they did. We love all things CG: books, movies, PBS shows, stuffed animals, etc.