Tuesday, October 23, 2012

family pics 2012

 I love them. Here are a few...

I love the lighting.
 This was such a fun shoot. I feel like I have been a little stressed and uptight in past pics so I don't know why I was so relaxed this time but it was much better.

 Andersen was happy to pose. He is such a sweet boy.
 Hen was the king of the goofy smile at this shoot.
I am glad we got one that was just a sweet smile, although I really do love the goofy-Hen smile too.
 I love his chicken fluff. He got his hair cut right after this.
 I love that Dan and I have a few pictures together. I think the last one was at our wedding.

It was a fun shoot. Thanks Mary ! I will add more later...

the boys are starting school

Look how handsome and big they are...
Andersen loves to ride the bus.

This is bittersweet. I am sad that the boys aren't home all day but they love school. Andersen started kindergarten, all-day kindergarten. I was so worried, but he is loving it. I picked him up from the bus the other day and asked how is day was.He said it was "GREAT". I asked which part and he said all of it. I am glad I waited til this year to send him though. I think he is more confident and I love the domino effect of it all too. Hen will only be 2 years behind him is the biggest plus.
Henry doesn't go to school until after lunch but he likes to get ready with Andersen.

Henry loves his school too. He likes to call it his school now (it used to be Ander's). His teacher says he is very observant and even helps the other kids "share". I am not sure what this means...ha ha. Maybe a little Robin Hood going on, you know steal from the rich and give to the poor.
 Hen is a very tender boy.