Tuesday, October 23, 2012

family pics 2012

 I love them. Here are a few...

I love the lighting.
 This was such a fun shoot. I feel like I have been a little stressed and uptight in past pics so I don't know why I was so relaxed this time but it was much better.

 Andersen was happy to pose. He is such a sweet boy.
 Hen was the king of the goofy smile at this shoot.
I am glad we got one that was just a sweet smile, although I really do love the goofy-Hen smile too.
 I love his chicken fluff. He got his hair cut right after this.
 I love that Dan and I have a few pictures together. I think the last one was at our wedding.

It was a fun shoot. Thanks Mary ! I will add more later...


  1. Hurray for a post! :) Your family is adorable and you are gorgeous! Love the pictures!

  2. You are gorgeous my friend! I love all the pictures!