Thursday, November 1, 2012

Here are some more family pictures...

I didn't want to bore you with a ton of pics but it is my blog after all so here it goes...

I love these fellas!

 Dan is such a sport and let me dress him. Why didn't I let him wear jeans? I have no idea. I wanted to mix it up and not have a sea of jeans on the bottom but I think he would have been more comfortable in his jeans. I do think he is so so handsome though. I feel like we grow closer everyday. We figure each other out a little more and I am excited to keep going down this path forever.
Sweet air Ander!
 The boys were laughing hysterically because we were all jumping even dad, mom and Mary.
My Andersen is growing up so much! When did this happen? I have 6 year old! He loves to learn and help. I am one lucky mama. I had to take him out of school early one day to go to the airport. He was so worried that he was going to miss something at school. Definatley his father's son.
Mr. Henry is so handsome. I just want to eat him up. He acts like a big boy and he is a big boy. I forget sometimes that he is only 3. When I remember and snuggle him up like my baby that he is we both eat it up and his big boy facade melts away.

Noah totally beat me up during these last few shots. I didn't have the one edited that he slapped me across the face. Little stinker!He is learning though. Look at that sweet face. I love him.

 Wish he'd give me some kisses...


  1. What a beautiful Fall day and what a beautiful family. I don't even know which photo is my favorite. I love them all!!!! I guess I like the one of Noah pulling your hair, and the ones in the air, and the first one with just the boys.

  2. Love your input on these photos. I think your boys are so stinkin adorable!! Not kidding. Every time I think of having another baby and it possibly being another boy, I think of yours and then it's all okay. (Not that I don't love just know how it feels to really want a girl!)

    1. I love our pics Mary. Thank you so much!
      Yes I know how it feels to want a girl. I wouldn't trade any of my boys but I would like the experience of having a girl as well :)