Monday, November 5, 2012

Book of Mormon "guys"

I LOVE these figures! I love them because I can teach my boys about Book of Mormon stories and really bring them to life. I think the boys started liking them because, let's be honest, they have awesome weapons. They now love them because they are familiar and they know their stories. It warms my heart when we start talking about one of them and one of the boys runs to grab the appropriate figure and starts acting out the scene.
I kind of like to set them all out in a timeline and group them with their stories.
Henry's favorite it Ammon. I think it is the sword and the muscles. He has a pretty great missionary story too not to mention the whole arm cutting off thing.
 I'm serious, check out those muscles.
Abinadi is my favorite not only because he is so courageous but because he looks exactly like the the Arnold Friberg paintings that are in the Book of Mormon. King Noah even has his trusty evil leopard by his side.
 We started with Nephi and Samuel the Lamanite. Then we just kept going....and going
(Dan's mom totally helped, thank you!).
We got ours at Deseret Book.
If you get smiles like this how could you pass them up :)


  1. Oh, so cute. I love the smile at the end. I also just noticed the that there is a leopard just like in the painting. Cool guys!

  2. This makes me want to buy them ALL!!!

  3. I started buying these for Graham last year and they are so great! I still remember the video you posted of Andersen telling the stories of each figurine. It makes me so proud to hear Graham talk about them! Thanks for sharing such a great idea! We don't have them all yet, but we are slowly getting there with each holiday. ;)

  4. What a great idea! You sold me!