Monday, December 12, 2011

mY sWeEt BoYs

This picture really tells a lot. My happy and obedient Andersen. Hen is caring and makes me laugh. Noah is calm and content. I LOVE these little guys. They are all perfect in their individual ways. I feel so blessed that they are here on this earth with me. Dan and I thank our Heavenly Father everyday for these sweet and active boys. Sometimes I go deep in thought and things make perfect sense but it could just really be a lack of sleep. I was thinking the other day how my babies are going to be men. Imagine 3 grown men lying head to head (to head). Why does that make me want to be a better mother? This time is so short when they are small. I want to soak them up and build up their armor for the future. I want them to know that I love them and that I will ALWAYS love them. I want to teach them that their Heavenly Father loves them and wants them to be happy and wants to help them become the strong men that they are meant to become. Sometimes it helps me prioritize to just take a step back from the laundry, dishes, chocolate handprints, squealing, and all the other things that make my days seem overwhelming and just hug my babies and look into their bright eyes and see their potential future and then do what I can to help them get there. I know kinda deep/random. It is 1am and I'm talking crazy ;)

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  1. absolutely darling photo! Great job with these Em! You said everything so perfectly. But, they already have an amazing mom. That is more than a lot of little boys (sadly) can say.